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Wiring 101

Welcome to Wiring 101! For those of you who have no experience in wiring, and would like to incorporate it into your builds.

I am no expert on wiring therefore I had some knowledge dropped on me by someone who knows their stuff. Jesse Haworth is my brother and is a current Biomedical Engineering major at the University of Iowa. He has assisted me in creating this article for the sake of your education. or shall I say “enlightenment”? XD

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DIY Fig Rig from Indie Mogul

Hello creators!

One of the first projects I took on when I first started making DIY equipment was a Fig Rig. A fig rig is a steering wheel shaped stabilizer rig. This is used to limit camera shake while filming. I found the instructions for this rig on the Indie Mogul YouTube channel. I find YouTube to be a great resource when finding a good step by step walk-through of  all sorts of DIY. I’m gonna break this down into a couple categories: Build Difficulty, Cost, and Functionality. Continue reading “DIY Fig Rig from Indie Mogul”

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Lets get started!

Hello fellow builders and creators! I am excited to start posting and share what I have, and will be, learning! I have been doing film since high school and all that times I have needed equipment here or a prop there. When that need arose I loved to tackle the challenge of building it. As my father had taught me “If you cant afford it, build it; and if you can build it cheaper then you could buy it, build it”. Continue reading “Lets get started!”