My name is Micah Haworth and I am a Junior Film Production student at the University of Northwestern St. Paul. I work at the Scene Shop at the university building the sets for their theatrical productions. I have had the opportunity to build shows such as Mary Poppins, and Into The Woods.

Through my experiences now and even before college I have developed a passion for DIY and for crafting projects. I wanted to make an environment where we can share experiences and learn skills that we need to start our next big project!

If you are a low-budget or no-budget filmmaker DIY is the way to go. Whether it is props costumes, or even equipment we can come alongside and help you build anything to push your production to the next step!

The DIY Film Forum is a site here to provide a launching pad to your DIY experience. Here we give you the tools and skills to go ahead and start your first DIY project. Not only will I be posting of my own experiences but I will also be showcasing other’s work and serve as a network for other craftsmen across the country!