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Power Drills 101

Welcome creators! If you have never picked up a drill before, and want to learn how to use one, you have come to the right place!


First off, the direction that the drill rotates can be changed by a

(Image 1)

button on the top of the handle.



This button is on both sides of the handle. It is connected so that if you push one in the other pops out. Depending on which side is pushed in determines the direction the drill spins.

If the right side is turned in the drill will spin clockwise. If the left side is pushed in it will turn counterclockwise.

Types of Drills

Secondly there are several different types of drills. The most common are the Drill DriverImpact Driver and Hammer Drills.

Drill Driver

(Image 2) Drill Driver

The first kind of drill is the standard Drill Driver. This is the most common of the three used for drilling holes and driving screws. The head is designed so that it might work with an assortment of different bits and trill tips.

As shown in image 3 and 4 the tip of the drill can open wide enough and close small enough to accommodate any size bit.

The way you operate the tip is to hold onto the head as shown in image 5. And pull down the trigger. If you have the rotation set to clockwise it will tighten, if it is set to counterclockwise it loosens. Keep in mind that this is the procedure for the Drill Driver specifically other drills change out bits differently.

After you insert your bit and tighten it you are good to go!

Image 3
Image 4
Image 5






Impact Driver

The Second kind of drill is the Impact Driver. This tool, unlike the Drill Driver, is specifically for pushing in screws.20170328_153508-e1492752074353.jpg

The tool uses a combination of rotation and concussive blows to help set and push the screw into place. This allows screws to be set in easier and in some of the thickest and densest woods. It does all that plus it uses less of a charge from the battery. Therefore you can go faster and longer when using this drill.

The impact driver operates similar to the Drill Driver, the exception is head. This head is only able to receive hex head bits.


The good news is the process to lock the bits into place is much simpler. All you have to do is pull out on the black head to unlock. Slide your bit in, the release the head to lock in place. Boom.

Hammer Drill


Lastly we have the Hammer Drill. It uses a rotary hammer function. This allows the Hammer Drill to drill with more power, faster, and with less effort. This tool can be used to drill through thicker wood, concrete, and metal.

The handle comes equipped to help keep control and direct the power. With a twist of the handle, righty tighty lefty loosey, when loosened you can rotate the handle around the drill.

When it comes to changing out bits in this drill you have to use a drill chuck. A drill chuck is pictured below.



To change out bits you simply place the drill chuck into the hold next to the tip of the drill. Rotate the chuck right to tighten and left to loosen, as usual.


In Closing

That was Drill 101. This information equips you with sufficient knowledge to operate power drills. Now go out and put the knowledge to good use!



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