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Lets get started!

Hello fellow¬†builders and creators! I am excited to start posting and share what I have, and will be, learning! I have been doing film since high school and all that times I have needed equipment here or a prop there. When that need arose I loved to tackle the challenge of building it. As my father had taught me “If you cant afford it, build it; and if you can build it cheaper then you could buy it, build it”.

When taking on a project I took to the internet to find the answers and directions. What I found is that most people assume their audience has a certain knowledge base. My goal is to be able to start from scratch teaching the basic “how to’s” of the tools you will use, and many other fundamental skills you will need.

I shall start there and move forward attempting to tackle larger and more complicated projects, posting my progress, and we can learn together!

Please let me know anything you might want me to discuss or give instruction to. I will make it a priority to make it a topic of one of my posts. And if I can’t teach it I will direct you to someone who can! My goal is to help you with building whatever it is that you need for your next film!

Lets do this!



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